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Advanced CMCP

For CMCP Certificate Holders

The Institute of Design and Construction will continue to develop additional courses that will explore business practices in more depth.

You may earn your Advanced CMCP by taking the following three courses.

The ACMCP is offered for CMCP Certificate holders. However, each course is available for open enrollment for experienced construction business owners and managers.

ACMCP 1 Advanced Construction Management

This course will show you how to address and pinpoint issues that affect the construction management process. You will develop skills you will need to recognize and identify possible setbacks in advance to save time and money for successful project completion. You will learn of the importance of construction safety and liability.

$230 - 10 Hours, 1 FAU CE Unit

ACMCP 2 Project Planning and Programming

This course is an overview of the planning and programming issues of construction projects. It will show you how to plan and coordinate project program elements, spacial requirements and standards, and show you how to identify program prerequisites of construction projects using the critical path method (CPM) including the development of CPM networks, terms, and steps in critical path scheduling. You will gain an appreciation of the importance of time management and timely processing of the key elements of project planning and administration such as work orders, purchase orders, payment schedules, substantial completion, punch listing, job completion, and the issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

$230 - 10 Hours, 1 FAU CE Unit

ACMCP 3 Construction Specification and Documentation

This course will show you how to write construction specifications to produce the documentation required for the successful management of construction projects. You will gain an understanding of bidding proceedures, interpretations of technical specification language and terminology. You will explore the correlation between construction documents and specifications writing to develop knowledge and skills required to select, organize and develop specification formats and documentation.

$230 - 10 Hours, 1 FAU CE Unit


If you want to earn the ACMCP certificate a Registration Fee is $100 is required. Total Fees for the certificate are $790.00.



Contact us at: 866-518-5780 for information on class and enrollment details.

Content Last Updated on: April 26, 2013
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