Institute for Design and Construction

Florida Atlantic University

FabLab Training

Safety Orientation

*Prerequisite for all other orientations.
Covers FabLab policies and procedures for interacting with the FabLab in general. This orientation will introduce the use of hand/power tools and spray booth.

Laser Cutter Orientation

Introduces software procedures, safe hardware usage, and reservation policies for the laser cutters at the FabLab.

3D Printer Orientation

Introduces 3D printing technology, software procedures, safe hardware usage, and reservation policies for the 3D printing equipment available at the FabLab.

Wood Shop Orientation

Introduces essential wood shop equipment, safety policies, general wood shop guidelines and machine-specific safety procedures. While the information provided is certainly relevant to other wood shops, the safety and operational content is specific to the Wood Shop at the FabLab.

CNC Router Orientation

*Wood Shop Orientation is a prerequisite.
Introduces CNC router policies and procedures for use and safety. Outlines the software and hardware procedures for operating the CNC Router at the FabLab.

In Progress

AR/VR/3D Scanning Orientation

Introduces augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D scanning technologies through the safe usage of equipment provided by the FabLab. (Magic Leap, Hololens, FARO 3D Scanner)

Model Building Orientation - SOA Students Only

Covers procedures, usage, and policies for the safety of users and equipment related to building models in studio Architecture courses. (Equipment covered by Lab Fee for Studio Courses)


Course Schedules

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Content Last Updated on: April 26, 2013